About Us

BLIC Care is an elderly care service provider specializing in 24/7 home support in the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. Our team has 15 years of experience in matching readily available skilled and multilingual caregivers with families who need more than just a helping hand.
Experienced and readily available multilingual caregivers who bring both skills and empathy to their families.
A pool of carefully selected caregivers means CVs in a matter or hours, interviews and dispatch in a matter of days.
Our caregivers are dedicated to creating a nurturing and supportive environment that goes well beyond routine care.

Why Us?

Our caregivers are experienced, multilingual, proactive and often have a professional background in healthcare or nursing.
Send us basic information and receive CVs to choose from within a matter of hours, while interviews and dispatch are possible within a matter of days.
We understand the daily needs and routines. But it's proactivity, creativity and a passion for making a difference that truly make a caregiver stand out.


Assistance with bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting, mobility, medication management, health monitoring, meal preparation, household support, emergency response, transportation and companionship.
A database of qualified caregivers. Searching, sourcing and evaluating potential candidates upon request based on specific care requirements. Arranging interviews with customers.
Verifying qualifications and preparing documentation to guarantee that our caregivers meet the highest standards of professional competence. Ensuring compliance with local and international labour laws.
Facilitating a seamless onboarding process, including comprehensive training programs. Conducting feedback sessions during and after the care service.
Managing the logistical aspects of caregiver deployment, ensuring timely mobilization and coordination to meet your care requirements.
Continuous communication channels with clients, both private and business. Conducting insight and feedback analysis.


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